Inland Marine / Tools & Equipment

Inland Marine Insurance was first created to cover property traveling across the seas. But as times passed it evolved into covering all materials that are in transit. As a roofer you have tools that you rely on and the materials to you need to complete the project. Protecting those tools and materials should be first priority when shopping for business insurance.

Types of goods that Inland Marine Insurance covers includes:

  • Tools and materials in transit
  • Under Construction Buildings
  • Technical Equipment and Data
  • Accounts receivable

Do you need Inland Marine Insurance?

As a roofer you are dependent on the tools and equipment that you own. What if you had to operate your business without you tools, it would be near to impossible.

Think of the financial cost of replacing those tools or having to purchase new building materials because the first supply was damaged or stolen. If you are like many roofing companies you do not have the funds to recuperate the cost required to replace everything.